08 December 2019 Sunday

Programming Resources (Alıntıdır)

Mark Coleman'dan tavsiye siteler


  • Stackoverflow: The best QA site on development topics
  • Codecademy: Learn to code in your browser
  • Pluralsight: Online training for all things development and IT, free 90 day trial for students
  • Learn git: When I went to college they never taught source control, it would have been so helpful early on.

HTML Stuff

  • JsFiddle: Zero friction html/js/css site when sometimes you want to try something without launching an IDE or a web server.
  • Plnkr : Zero friction html/js/css site, also very popular a bit more robust.
  • Firebug: My defacto web debugger
  • Bower: Web package management, why hunt for packages when you can install than via command line.



  • Jquery: If you do web development it is great to learn as there are a plethora of plugins.
  • AngularJs: One of the many web frameworks, currently my favorite.
  • NodeJs: Love JavaScript? how about javascript outside of the browser.


  • Visual Studio Community Edition: Now free so no reason not to use it especially if you do C#
  • ReSharper: Alt-Enter all the things! Helps in refactoring, code style, templates, reveals potential bugs, and so much more.
  • WebStorm: My favoriate html/JavaScript IDE
  • Sublimetext: Don't use it but still very popular.


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Mark Coleman


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